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What our customers say

I suffered a hamstring injury in mid-February despite seeing a physiotherapist and undergoing acupuncture. Frustrated and unable to play, I turned to the aliXXor. Using it seven times over two weeks made a remarkable difference. Just in time for the finals in Wellington, I was back on the field. Now, I've resumed weight training, swimming, and cycling. The aliXXor not only accelerated my recovery but has also left me feeling better overall. It's been a game-changer for both my injury and my well-being.

Mid-twenties female soccer player in New Zealand

I recently used the Allixor to relieve the pain from a rotator cuff tear and painful restriction in movement. After one week I was able to raise my arm in a motion that had been extremely painful, even after 11 months of physical therapy. I was blown away. Thank you!


MY ALIXXOR ARRIVED JUST NOW! :) I have just unpacked it, and I gave it a cursory glance over. All the extra fittings! High quality manufacture, very very professional. Its very impressive, the weight of the components and the precision tooling in the very heavy metal parts is excellent. You cannot believe how impressive it all looks, I have yet to try it but I believe it must be a market leader. And the beck blood purifier, colloidal silver maker (screw you EU codex alimentarius) and water purification maker are of the highest quality. I just love to see a product like this succeed, so much attention to detail has gone into it, Its a sure bet the frequencies are all bang on as the craftsmanship and high quality tooling and manufacture would be the main cost of production.


I have been a personal user of the Alixxor Rife Machine for approximately 12 months. It has made an enormous difference to my everyday life. I have gone from being bed ridden with Migraine headaches and frequent visits to the hospital for heart issues, to being fit, healthy and well.

My pets also love the machine, which I switch onto broadcast mode, so that they can receive wellness, they respond immediately so I think they notice the frequencies so much quicker than we do. I 100% recommend the Alixxor Rife Machine to anyone that is serious about staying well through natural therapy instead of using pharmaceuticals and following medical protocols that do not work.


Thanks again John, my wife has now used it to detox...said she felt a "little weird" after the first application. I had her drink extra water and use our sauna to sweat it out...woke up the next morning reporting she felt great...

30-day money-back guarantee

30-day money-back guarantee if it does not deliver what we say it does.

(See refunds policy).

Made in New Zealand

The AliXXor is manufactured and assembled entirely in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Five year warranty

Five year warranty with online registration. Website has login user functionality for detailed use and specific information.

AliXXor Rife Machine

The AliXXor is an easy to use stand alone unit that does not require a computer or other electronics to operate. Simply plug in and you are good to go.

Features you will love

One million frequencies - 0 to 10,000 Hz.

Accurate to two decimal places.
Over 2000 pre-programmed sequences from A-Z.

Scrollable menu on the LCD screen select and RUN.

Delivers frequencies in steady or pulse mode programmable.

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Portable Design

Housed in a stylish compact carry case, the AliXXor Rife Machine is not only portable but also adaptable. It conveniently plugs into any 12v DC source, providing users with flexibility for use anywhere, be it at home or on the move.

Easy to Use

Boasting a Favorites menu for swift access to preferred sequences, the AliXXor Rife Machine ensures a user-friendly experience. Additionally, it records your usage history, allowing you to track and manage your wellness journey efficiently. For detailed information and personalized insights, the website features convenient login user functionality. With these features, the AliXXor Rife Machine not only delivers results but also empowers users with control and accessibility.


Where is the machine made?

The aliXXor is manufactured and assembled entirely in Christchurch New Zealand. This is what allows us to maintain our excellent quality control record.
New Zealand does not come under FDA jurisdiction.

Is there a warranty?

During the first five years of ownership, if the system develops a fault, you can return it to us for a free repair and check up.

Is there a guarantee?

We provide you with our assurance that the aliXXor can be returned to us within thirty days if it is does not live up to your expectations for a frequency generator. We provide no guarantee to the effectiveness of any frequencies or sequences, these frequencies come from third party sources.

What if it doesn't work for me?

We will not tell you that this will cure the condition you’re looking to treat. The aliXXor is a frequency generator that runs frequencies that have been recommended to use for particular conditions. We make no claim as to the effectiveness of any frequency or sequence for any health condition. We will however, always record and publish true stories provided to us by other clients and users of frequency medicine.

Can the Basic Unit be upgraded?

Yes, the secondary list and the accessories are available to purchase as after sale items.

What if I need help? Is there a number I can call?

You can call us on the helpline number provided.; As a valued client it is very important for us to be available when you need assistance. You have a choice of numbers, e-mail and our client only online help page and video tutorials will be coming shortly.

Light versus pad transmission?

Rife himself said "the real clue is the frequency and not the means by which it is delivered." Whilse there probably is good light type units available they are far more complex to use than pad type units coveying the frequencies through pad contact.
Rife found with light he had to be extremely close to the subject to be effective. The early frequency devices were tube-type devices that were not very efficient, required a lot of power and were not able to deliver the accuracy of the pad-type devices.
When using the cylinders they also work like an antenna which has the added benefit of radiating electromagnetic frequencies.

What happens if my aliXXor breaks down?

Contact us first, as it may be something simple we can address. If not, send the unit back to us and we will return it to you as soon as it is fixed.

How does aliXXor compare to other RIFE units?

The aliXXor was three years in the design phase during which period many features were evaluated as to whether they were required or simply present for the sake of having more features. Some units are marketed on their features but of these are not necessary and add to the complexity of use. The best features were incorporated into aliXXor and any features that did not add to its effectiveness were not included. This makes the aliXXor the most effective and easy to use frequency generator available on the market, available at a very competitive price.

What is the difference between the aliXXor Deluxe and the aliXXor Base model?

The Deluxe model comes with all the accessories: the revolutionary water structuring unit, the Colloidal Silver maker and the Beck Blood Cleanser. The Deluxe Unit comes with a Primary sequence list of 500 Sequences and a Secondary list of over 1500 Sequences. The Deluxe Unit does come with all the ancillaries: the cable, power pack, hand cylinders, foot plates and socks, User Guide and the attractive carry case. The Base unit comes without the accessories and has the Primary sequence list of 500 sequences. It does come with all the ancillaries: the cable, power pack, hand cylinders, foot plates and socks, User Guide and the attractive carry case.

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