I recently used the Allixor to relieve the pain from a rotator cuff tear and painful restriction in movement. After one week I was able to raise my arm in a motion that had been extremely painful, even after 11 months of physical therapy. I was blown away. Thank you!


I'm a mid-twenties female soccer player in New Zealand, I suffered a hamstring injury in mid-February despite seeing a physiotherapist and undergoing acupuncture. Frustrated and unable to play, I turned to the aliXXor. Using it seven times over two weeks made a remarkable difference. Just in time for the finals in Wellington, I was back on the field. Now, I've resumed weight training, swimming, and cycling. The aliXXor not only accelerated my recovery but has also left me feeling better overall. It's been a game-changer for both my injury and my well-being.

MY ALIXXOR ARRIVED JUST NOW! :) I have just unpacked it, and I gave it a cursory glance over. All the extra fittings! High quality manufacture, very very professional. Its very impressive, the weight of the components and the precision tooling in the very heavy metal parts is excellent. You cannot believe how impressive it all looks, I have yet to try it but I believe it must be a market leader. And the beck blood purifier, colloidal silver maker (screw you EU codex alimentarius) and water purification maker are of the highest quality. I just love to see a product like this succeed, so much attention to detail has gone into it, Its a sure bet the frequencies are all bang on as the craftsmanship and high quality tooling and manufacture would be the main cost of production.


I have been a personal user of the Alixxor Rife Machine for approximately 12 months. It has made an enormous difference to my everyday life. I have gone from being bed ridden with Migraine headaches and frequent visits to the hospital for heart issues, to being fit, healthy and well.

My pets also love the machine, which I switch onto broadcast mode, so that they can receive wellness, they respond immediately so I think they notice the frequencies so much quicker than we do. I 100% recommend the Alixxor Rife Machine to anyone that is serious about staying well through natural therapy instead of using pharmaceuticals and following medical protocols that do not work.


Thanks again John, my wife has now used it to detox...said she felt a "little weird" after the first application. I had her drink extra water and use our sauna to sweat it out...woke up the next morning reporting she felt great...

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A little girl who is 6 years old with severe sessions of constipation
these are so bad that she has to be hospitalized. At 2 years of age she
was badly constipated. Her parents purchased an aliXXor and when she
became constipated her mother placed her on the Machine and used the
Auto code for Constipation. Immediately following this she had a bowel

A 28 year old female who has had Crohnes Disease for about five years. She started using the aliXXor three times per week. The results have been amazing. She had a blood test on 26th March. Her blood indicator was 8 the lowest it has been is 15 after a course of steroids. Her C reactive protein was 15. While using the aliXXor she steadily regained her health. She has not used the machine since 26th April and continues to be well.

A 16 year old female with Glandular Fever. She used the aliXXor twice on the Glandular Fever sequence. The first time she only managed to complete 30 minutes of the 48-minute sequence – she felt to unwell to continue. A week later she used the machine again this time completing the sequence for Glandular Fever. Her mother said that she went home, went straight to bed and slept for 14 hours. She has been fine ever since and is back at school presently sitting exams.

An elderly gentleman who had a stroke several years ago. He could not
bend down to pick up things off the floor, had limited movement of his
arm, walked with difficulty and woke several times during the night
because of pain. After using the aliXXor for several weeks, 2 to 3 times a week, he said
he is now able to bend down and pick up things off the floor, his
walking has improved and he also is sleeping through the night.

A male who is in his late thirties with carpal tunnel. This has been an on going problem every time he works at the Freezing Works. The first time he used the aliXXor he used the codes for carpal tunnel -halfway through the sequence he said that his pain had gone away. Now whenever he has this problem he uses the machine.

A 35 year old housewife with two children, who has had Ulcerative
Colitis for approximately four years. We started using the aliXXor every
second day, from 22nd November to the 11th December. By the 11th
December there was no bleeding and her bowel motions were normal. She
returned from holiday on 30th January as she had diarrhoea and a little
bleeding the day before. We used the machine for four days. She returned
on the 4th March after several small flare-ups. This time we used the
machine every day until the 18th March. It is now November and she is
very well.