How to use the aliXXor Frequency Machine

Learn how to use the aliXXor Frequency Machine with our simple guide

Using the Rife Frequency Machine: Conveying the frequencies

The aliXXor is very easy to use both by the home user and the health practitioner. Importantly it is safe to use and with no side effects.

There are various ways the frequencies can be conveyed.

1. Use of hand cylinders

The user holds onto a hand cylinder in each hand and the frequencies are conveyed through the body from hand to hand.

2. Use of foot plates

The user places both feet on to the two foot plates, the frequencies are now conveyed through the body from foot to foot. Helpful when treating the lower part of the body. These plates can also be placed over other areas of the body as in over the liver for example to run frequencies in that area.

3. Use of stick on pads

The user can use the reusable stick on pads, they are only small but great for treating a localized area. Normally the user would use one hand or foot plate in conjunction with the stick on pad.

4. Pressure Point Technique

. This is excellent for treating another person in a localized area. The patient holds onto one of the hand cylinders or uses one of the foot plates, the practitioner does the same that is holds onto one of the hand cylinders or uses one of the foot plates. Now when the practitioner touches the patient with their finger tips the frequencies are conveyed. This is very effective way of getting the frequencies to the right area. The unit out puts a modulation which can be felt by the user. It is not unpleasant in fact most people like the feeling. The user has  the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of the output.

How to Use

The user selects the hand cylinders, foot plates or stick on electrodes. The user goes to the main menu, selects a health condition they want to treat and then presses RUN. AliXXor does the rest, it changes frequencies as per the sequence and stops when the sequence is run. Flexibility The unit can utilize all frequencies up to 10,000 hertz so you have full flexibility to use any of these frequencies. You can make up your own sequences, vary the time that each frequency runs and pulse the frequencies. You can wobble across the frequency that is very each side of the main frequency and you can scan across a frequency range. The AliXXor is a very versatile unit.


A Sequence is a set of frequencies that have been chosen to be beneficial for a particular health condition. There is around 2000 different frequency patterns loaded into the AliXXor Deluxe Version to choose from. As an example the DETOX sequence runs 11 different frequencies one after the other. Some of these frequencies are detoxification frequencies stimulating the cells to shed toxins, some frequencies are for killing Candida and other general parasites. Each sequence has different frequencies that have different roles. On the web site on the left margin you can put in a frequency and see what conditions it is deemed beneficial for. There is a lot of flexibility and many options on how to use the aliXXor.