Stuctured Water

Structured Water by AliXXor

Water is an amazing substance, it occupies a huge part of our world and makes up over 70% or our bodies. It is very misunderstood and the futurewill have water release a lot of its secrets to us.

Dr Imoto from Japan has done a lot of amazing research on water and its properties, he found that water is very sensitive to any external input even inputs as weak as thoughts will influence water.

Through his research Dr Imoto looked at many different waters from around the world, from city tap water to pristine mountain springs. By photographing the ice crystals these different waters formed or in some case did not form he was able to learn a great deal about water. The pristine spring water crystal showed up as beautiful symmetrical and complex crystals while polluted water did not show crystals at all. Dr Imoto demonstrates that using four vials or water from the same source and writing words on the vials he was able to structure the water crystals. Words like love and gratitude produced beautiful symmetrical crystals along the lines of the mountain stream water. Words as in war and hate did not produce crystals at all. Just the action of writing on the vials was enough of the though force to structure the water in the vials.

How does this affect us?

We are made up of 70% water. We need water to survive, good clean water is able to penetrate to cellular level to help with the bodies many functions.What type of water do we want our cells to be bathing in, mountain water or polluted contaminated water.

With the vials described above in mind imaging what our water looks like if we think loving thoughts. Imagine what our water looks like if we think thoughts of hate, revenge, hurt or jealousy.

You have probably heard the story of having two identical plants. You look after them the same but one plant you talk nicely to and send loving gracious thoughts to and the other you send thoughts of hate and unworthiness to.

The plants will grow at a different rate the one with the loving thought will prosper and the one with the thoughts of hate will not prosper as well and may even die as a consequence.

It is not the plant you are talking to it is the water as plants like us are a high concentration of water.

What happens when we bless our food?

What happens when we pray?

Using the aliXXor Water Structuring Unit

Using the aliXXor Water Structuring Unit you are able to electromagnetically expose the water to the healing frequencies you require. You can use the Water structuring unit at the same time as you are running a frequency or a sequence or you can run the water structuring unit separately. By drinking this water throughout the day you are able to keep the frequency exposure at a cellular level extending your treatment session.