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You can download the 80 page booklet which has the aliXXor sequences.  With this booklet you  able to look though the list of sequences loaded into aliXXor with out having to scroll through aliXXor screen it self. It also has brief descriptions as to what each condition is about as does the aliXXor.

Getting Started

Refer to the AliXXor User Guide for getting started instructions.

AliXXor Affiliate Program

Details of the Affiliate Program can be viewed here.

Treating Animals

Treating AnimalsAnimals are very sensitive to frequencies and in many case enjoy being exposed to frequencies. They will also often let you know that they do not like some frequencies by moving away from the source.

Used as described you can not harm your pet.

The best way to treat animals is using the Broadcast mode described on page 29 in the AliXXor manual.

Use the foot plates or the hand cylinders each side of the animal, close enough so they won’t disturb them when they move.

I f you see the animal really enjoying a particular frequency then this one should be played again or for longer periods. If there is a frequency they move away from then delete that frequency from the sequence or minimize the time that frequency runs.

Also consider charging water for your pet and or using colloidal silver in their drinking water.



Note : the User Guide says to use distilled water where possible, this is not true.Use a good quality water mineral water.

Water is an amazing substance, it occupies a huge part of our world and makes up over 70% or our bodies. It is very misunderstood and the future will have water release a lot of its secrets to us.

Dr Imoto from Japan has done a lot of amazing research on water and its properties, he found that water is very sensitive to any external input even inputs as weak as thoughts will influence water.

Through his research Dr Imoto looked at many different waters from around the world, from city tap water to pristine mountain springs. By photographing the ice crystals these different waters formed or in some case did not form he was able to learn a great deal about water. The pristine spring water crystal showed up as beautiful symmetrical and complex crystals while polluted water did not show crystals at all.

Dr Imoto demonstrates that using four vials or water from the same source and writing words on the vials he was able to structure the water crystals. Words like love and gratitude produced beautiful symmetrical crystals along the lines of the mountain stream water. Words as in war and hate did not produce crystals at all. Just the action of writing on the vials was enough of the though force to structure the water in the vials.

How does this affect us?

We are made up of 70% water. We need water to survive, good clean water is able to penetrate to cellular level to help with the bodies many functions.

What type of water do we want our cells to be bathing in, mountain water or polluted contaminated water?

With the vials described above in mind imaging what our water looks like if we think loving thoughts. Imagine what our water looks like if we think thoughts of hate, revenge, hurt, jealousy.

You have probably heard the story of having two identical plants. You look after them the same but one plant you talk nicely to and send loving gracious thoughts to and the other you send thoughts of hate and unworthiness to.

The plants will grow at a different rate the one with the loving thought will prosper and the one with the thoughts of hate will not prosper as well and may even die as a consequence.

It is not the plant you are talking to it is the water as plants like us are a high concentration of water.

What happens when we bless our food?

What happens when we pray?


Using the aliXXor Water Structuring Unit

Using the aliXXor Water Structuring Unit you are able to electromagnetically expose the water to the frequencies you require. You can use the Water structuring unit at the same time as you are running a frequency or a sequence or you can run the water structuring unit separately. To charge the water on its own set the timer for 1 minute per frequency and set the intensity to 1/3 scale, it does not need much intensity. Keep this charged water away from other electrical influences and sip throughout the day to keep the body topped up with frequency charged water.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

The aliXXor does make a very good colloidal silver. It uses the constant current method which means that as the conductivity of the solution increases aliXXor lowers the voltage across the silver electrodes to keep the current constant. This is important as this gives an even particle size and allows the silver particles to remain in solution.

Note.  Once the concentration is reached the AliXXor does not say READY as per the manual. The progress bar will be fully to the right, the PAUSE on the top button will disappear and a jingle will be heard. This indicates the desired concentration has been reached.

The best solution is 5ppm to 10ppm.

Importance of using Distilled Water.

The ONLY type of water you should use is distilled water, which has been distilled by water distillation (not reverse osmosis). There are NO exceptions. All other types of water have too many impurities.

Distilled water can be quite hard to find but many pharmacies do stock a quality product. It is hard to measure without measuring equipment which can be bought without much expense.

Distilled water will show less than 1ppm when measured with a ppm meter.

The aliXXor relies on feedback from the solution to determine the concentration, so if the water is not distilled then it does not give accurate feedback of the concentration to aliXXor causing it to stop the process early.

If the aliXXor runs for the approximate times specified in the manual then the chances are that you are using a good quality distilled water product. If it completes the process early then you have contaminants in the water you are using so you will need to find a different distilled water source.

Making Colloidal Silver.

Ideally every 15 to 20 minutes press “ PAUSE” and then take the lid from the jar and wipe the two silver electrodes with a paper towel and a non metallic pot scrubbing pad, this prevents a black crud building up on the electrodes and floating to the bottom of the jar.
Give the water a swirl in the jar and replace the electrodes and press “RUN”.

Testing the Colloidal Silver maker.

If you suspect the Colloidal Silver function is not working you can do a simple test. Run the Colloidal Silver function with no water in the jar or simply take the lid off exposing the silver electrodes to the air. Run the Colloidal Silver function now and the progress line will not progress at all. Now short the two silver electrodes by having them touch each other and hold in this position and now run the colloidal silver function and the progress bar should progress quite quickly to complete. This shows the Colloidal Silver Function is working normally.
Note: It is quite safe to touch the two electrodes as there is only a minimal current flowing and you will not feel anything.
Is the cable plugged into the correct outlets on the aliXXor? Should be one of the two center outlets.


Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

The Beck Blood Cleansing Unit



The Pressure Point Technique

The pressure point technique is very effective for localized treatment of an area.

To do this.
Have the patient hold one of the cylinders or use one of the footplates or use a stick on electrode placed on the body in a localized location.
Now you hold the other electrode or use the footplate.
While you are not touching the patient you will feel nothing as there is no connection for the current to flow.
Once you touch the patients skin with your finger tips on the hand without the electrodes the current will start to flow as the connection is made.
Using three fingers is best and just use the finger tips. As you increase the intensity you will feel the vibration in your finger tips that are in contact with the skin.
You are now directing the current directly into the area you are touching.
This is great for any pain work involving muscles and joints.
You will find that some fingers will feel more intense than the others, this is a good indication of the area that needs the attention so by moving your fingers around you will be able to locate “sharp” areas. These areas are where you should concentrate. You will find that once this sharpness goes away then often the pain has gone away also. I generally use a steady frequency around 400hz for this and if you wish you could run this as a pulsed frequency for muscular work. Both seem to work.

This is great for people in the massage business

Have a footplate under the table in an easily accessible location. The masseuse needs to be in bare feet.
Have the client hold onto a hand cylinder in either hand.
Set the aliXXor up to run frequency 400hz for 30 minutes or however long you anticipate the length of the massage.
Set the intensity at about 50%.
Now while massaging the client when you feel you need the assistance of frequencies into a particular area, place your bare foot onto the plate and you will instantly have frequencies at your finger tips. Using finger tips will help you direct the frequencies into the correct area.
When you no longer need the aid of the frequencies then take your foot off the plate and that breaks the circuit to allow you to continue with our the frequencies.

Experiment with different frequencies and with Stead and Pulse to find your best frequencies to use.


AliXXor User Guide

This is the AliXXor User Guide that comes with the aliXXor.  Download AliXXor User Guide

Health Articles

Questions and Answers

How do I know what frequencies to use?
The sequences programmed into the aliXXor containing many frequencies that are deemed to be beneficial for that health condition. It is very experimental and as such if the user is not getting any results from a particular sequence then they should try another sequence with a new set of frequencies. Often only one good frequency can make all the difference so it is a matter of trial and error in many cases.

How many Treatments can I do a day?
If the user is fit and generally healthy they can try one new sequence each day. If they are using a sequence and not getting too much reaction from it they can add another sequence. once they know how they react to a sequence then they can decide to increase the number of sequences but in general one hour in each session should be a maximum guide and no more than two sessions per day.
If a user is not well then they should reduce the run time of each new sequence until they know how they will respond to that particular sequence.

Trouble Shooting


Each aliXXor is carefully factory checked and tested prior to being dispatched to you.

You are covered by a 5 year warranty against faulty workmanship.

Before you contact us try to ascertain what the fault is.

My aliXXor won’t turn on at all, I see nothing.

Check your 12 volt power supply cables, wriggle them around while plugged in to see if the aliXXor screen lights up.

Try another power jack in the house.

Do you have another appliance that uses the same power supply? Try the aliXXor power supply with that appliance to see if it works with that appliance.

Do you have a DC volt meter? Measure the voltage output it should be 12 volts DC

If the power pack is faulty then we can replace it for you or you can get a replacement at your local electronics store. Take the old one with you to get the correct voltage and polarity.

My aliXXor appears to be working but I cannot feel anything.

Have you turned up the intensity?

If you have the Water Structuring unit switch the electrode cables and try these ones as it is most likely a faulty cable. It only needs one cable to be faulty to stop all output to the electrodes. Check the connection to aliXXor.

Do not try to open the aliXXor as this will void the warranty.