Affiliate Program

Thanks for inquiring about our exciting Affiliate Program.  This program is a very rewarding affiliate program. It allows the affiliate to earn substantial commissions such that the affiliate can be earning a full time income on a part time basis.

Most sales come from referrals from happy users and as such they will generate new sales for the affiliate.

How does it work?

When you sign up as an AliXXor Affiliate you are allocated your own web address to our main site

Your address will be something like  You can use this as a link from your web site, a link on your emails, brochures, business cards etc.

You can have your own web address redirect to this site if you wish.

Any inquiry coming to our site from your link is automatically tied to you for all sales.

You are able to monitor how many visits you had to our site through your affiliate back office, how many sales have been created by you, how much commission is due , what level of commission you are on etc.

 In the back office of the Affiliate program there are tools you can use, video training you can use to enhance your sales effort.

If you wish to prepay for units and have them available for you to deliver to your customers then contact us for an affiliate code.

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Commission Structure for purchase of AliXXor


Number of Sales Level Deluxe Unit Commission Basic Unit Commission
Retail   US$1995 US$1495
1-3 1 300 250
4-6 2 450 250
7-9 3 600 250
10+ 4 700 250

Cumulative sales is the total number of sales over time.  $ are in US$

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1.    Health Recovery Systems reserves the right to amend this commission structure and pricing as required.

2.    All units carry a 30 day money back guarantee. This is a warranty the unit will deliver the frequencies as advertised, it is not a guarantee of cure of any condition or for a "Trial" to see if it works. If the distributor collected payment for the unit then it is up to the distributor to honor this guarantee.

3.    Health Recovery Systems Ltd will refund the purchase price  less the restocking fee only if the Health Recovery Systems collected the purchase price.

4.    If units are supplied by Health Recovery Systems,  commissions will be paid after the 30 day period via PayPal or bank transfer.

5.    No commission will be paid on refunded units. All costs associated with refunded units will be born by the affiliate.

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