Rife Frequency Generator | Rife Machine

The aliXXor frequency generator is the most EASY TO USE and comprehensive frequency unit available. 

  • Design and Manufactured to IPC-A610 Standard.
  • MedSafe Registered.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use.
  • Programmed With Over 2000 Health Sequences.
  • Makes Colloidal Silver
  • Runs Beck Blood Cleansing Protocols.
  • Structures Water With Healing Frequencies.
  • In Stock.
  • With extensive experience in Rife research and treating patients with frequencies for many health conditions Health Recovery Systems have designed the aliXXor to be the very best and easiest to use frequency unit on the market today.

    This is a family health machine. Make this your first get well treatment.

    Proven to work well with:

    • detoxification.
    • improving general well being.
    • benefiting a large number of serious health conditions.
    • killing parasites, harmful bacteria and viruses.

    aliXXor is used by individuals and health practitioners and is a welcome addition to many family homes. The aliXXor is used alongside the best natural therapies and professional treatments and has shown that as part of a total wellness program it can be highly beneficial. Many practitioners and individuals have reported that their conditions have improved or symptoms have simply disappeared after using the aliXXor frequency generator.

    The people behind Health Recovery Systems and the aliXXor, Rose and John Headifen, have an extensive background in natural health, extending over 20 years. They are committed to ongoing health research including beneficial frequencies and frequency delivery systems.

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